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全国平均工资:每小时$ 24.17





National average salary: $24.17 per hour

Primary duties: Construction and building inspectors examine the structural quality and overall safety of buildings, streets and highways, water and sewer systems, bridges, dams and other structures. They also check plumbing systems and electrical systems, including heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR).

While no two inspections are alike, construction and building inspectors conduct a preliminary inspection during the first phase of the construction process. They will then conduct follow-up inspections throughout the construction project. When the project is complete, they do a final thorough inspection and provide oral or written feedback related to their findings.

Requirements: Construction and building inspectors need at least a high school diploma or its equivalent to be considered for employment. However, many employers prefer candidates with college-level experience in engineering, architecture, construction technology or building inspection. Many states also have certification requirements that inspectors must meet before they can practice their profession.

Aspiring construction and building inspectors may earn certifications through the International Code Council (ICC). To obtain these certifications, candidates are required to pass an examination that covers building codes, features and procedures. They will need to meet continuing education requirements to keep their credentials.



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