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Updated: Nov 28, 2022



  • 与遇到困难的计算机用户进行线上或当面沟通,以确定和记录遇到的问题

  • 参考用户指南、技术手册和其他文件,研究和实施解决方案

  • 重现、诊断和解决用户遇到的技术问题

  • 针对发现的困难,向用户提供建议和培训

  • 针对发现的困难,向用户提供业务系统、网络和互联网支持

  • 收集、组织和维护问题和解决方案日志,供其他技术支持分析人员使用

  • 参与应用程序和其他软件的重新设计

  • 可以监督本组的其他技术支持人员


  • 通常需要完成计算机科学、计算机编程或网络管理方面的大学课程。

  • 通常需要大学或其他计算机编程或网络管理方面的课程。

  • 一些雇主可能需要软件供应商提供的认证或培训。

User Support Technician

National average salary: 28.85/hour

  • Communicate electronically and in person with computer users experiencing difficulties to determine and document problems experienced

  • Consult user guides, technical manuals and other documents to research and implement solutions

  • Reproduce, diagnose and resolve technical problems encountered by users

  • Provide advice and training to users in response to identified difficulties

  • Provide business systems, network and Internet support to users in response to identified difficulties

  • Collect, organize and maintain a problems and solutions log for use by other technical support analysts

  • Participate in the redesign of applications and other software

  • May supervise other technical support workers in this group.

  • Completion of a college program in computer science, computer programming or network administration is usually required.

  • College or other courses in computer programming or network administration are usually required.

  • Certification or training provided by software vendors may be required by some employers.

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