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全国平均工资:每小时$ 26.36



National average salary: $26.36 per hour

Primary duties: Boilermakers are responsible for making and installing boilers and other large containers that store gases or liquids such as oil. They are also responsible for analyzing blueprints, casting pieces and forming them into shape, and welding pieces together. Boilermakers also test newly built boilers and perform regular maintenance. They also update boilers to increase efficiency and meet environmental standards. Boilermakers

Requirements: Aspiring boilermakers must have a high school diploma or GED. They must also complete an apprenticeship training program, such as the Boilermakers National Joint Apprenticeship Program (BNAP). This apprenticeship program takes about four years to complete and requires 576 hours in the classroom and 6,000 hours of work assignments. Candidates may take courses at a technical or vocational school before learning additional skills directly from their employers.



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